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Scott Gibson at Café Les Pipos in Paris

Scott Gibson at Café Les Pipos in Paris

For the past 25 years, Scott L. Gibson has spent countless hours walking the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Istanbul, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Barcelona, Edinburgh and Montreal while on assignments for corporate clients in the United States and Europe,  Today, his captivating photographs can be found in both distinguished private collections and on the walls of international corporations. In 2017 Gibson was runner-up in Amsterdam’s International Photography Competition for best photograph of the year. Earlier this year, Scott joined international aid groups and worked as a volunteer in a soup kitchen feeding refugee children who had fled the war in Ukraine.

On Veterans Day, 2011, three of Gibson’s photographs were displayed in the White House.  On Memorial Day, 2012, Gibson was part of the White House press pool that photographed President Obama at the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Vice President Joe Biden says, Gibson’s photography “honors the men and women who serve our country.”

When he is not on assignment, Gibson teaches and lectures on photography in Atlanta.  Six of his photography students have gone to win college scholarships and receive regional and national recognition.

Former war correspondent and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Art Harris, who has lived and worked in Paris, calls Gibson’s work “…a new and refreshing take on the City of Light.  Scott captures the mystery, mystique and charm of a city I know and a city I love.  I can’t get his photographs out of my mind…from his work, you would think he’d lived there all his life.  Bravo!”

Much of Gibson’s work is done during the early morning hours or late afternoon, when the sun has set but there is still light in the sky.  When asked recently what he enjoyed most about his work, he said, “The solitude of the early morning hours that allows me to capture the soul of a city and its people before they awaken to the call of the 21st century.  Photography allows me to share my views of the world’s great cities with so many people.”  When asked what he liked least about his work, he said, “Getting up and going to work at 4:00 in the morning.”

The late Civil War historian, Albert Castel, winner of the prestigious Lincoln Prize, called Gibson’s Gettysburg photographs “stunningly beautiful and a powerful statement of the three days that shaped our nation’s history.” Gibson is a former Professor of History at Western Michigan University and is author of The Yeas and the Nays, Key Congressional  Decisions 1774-1945 along with numerous articles that have appeared in national magazines and  professional journals.

Gibson is currently working on a photo-essay of reflections found in pools of water, rivers, lakes and streams. This project has taken him from the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Michigan to the Seine and Mosel rivers in France to the Rhine and Main rivers in Germany. In April he traveled to Amsterdam to photograph reflections from the Amstel River and the city’s canals. In August he traveled to Germany, Austria and Hungary to photograph reflections in the Danube River.

In June Scott traveled to America’s 49th state, Alaska, to photograph the glaciers, wildflowers and the spectacular beauty of “The Last Frontier.”  While there he also ventured into the Yukon Territory in northern Canada to photograph the landscape and the small villages left behind by the Klondike Gold Rush a century ago.

Gibson lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, with his wife Cheryle and their cat Les Baux, who is named for the medieval village in the south of France.

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