• Cafes and Waiters


    Cafes and Waiters

    For over 200 years the cafe has been a Paris institution. It is here where people begin their day with […]

  • People of Paris


    People of Paris

    The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once referred to Paris as a series of one act plays. In Paris there is […]

  • Paris

    It is impossible to describe Paris in a single word, a paragraph or even a book. Paris is so many […]

  • Van Gogh’s Reflections


    Van Gogh’s Reflections

    During the final years of his short life, Vincent Van Gogh spent much of his time in the village of Arles […]

  • Scotland



    Scotland is a magical land of clans and tartans, mountain and valleys, kilts and bagpipes. With the Atlantic Ocean on […]

  • Alaska

    Known as “The Last Frontier,” Alaska offers an amazing array of natural beauty. In June I traveled to Alaska to […]

  • The Danube


    The Danube

    The Danube, one of the world’s grandest rivers, begins in the Black Forest region in Germany and flows nearly 2,000 […]

  • Rain and Reflections


    Rain and Reflections

    Shooting through a rain covered window or looking into pools of water, lakes and rivers for reflections can often bring […]

  • Color & Chrome


    Color & Chrome

    Objects of beauty can sometimes be found in strange places. For the past 20 years I have photographed old cars […]

  • Gettysburg



    During the first three days in July, 1863, two armies, one dressed in blue and the other dressed gray, waged a series of […]

  • Amsterdam



    Amsterdam is known around the world for its bicycles, friendly people and beautiful flowers.  In May 2012, I spent a […]

  • Memorial Day in the Nation’s Capital


    Memorial Day in the Nation’s Capital

    On Memorial Day weekend over 400,000 people come to Washington, D.C. each year to honor and remember America’s fallen heroes. […]